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A while ago, Alex and I took a day trip to Grand Rapids. While we were there, we went to CVLT Pizza. I let Alex choose the pizza, and to my surprise, he chose a vegan one. I wonder how he’d like these vegan pizzas.

Because I can’t ever stop thinking about bread, these pretzel knots are the things dreams are made of.

I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to s’mores. Imagine what my heart felt when I saw a recipe for S’more Ice Cream Bombs.

Peaches and cream steel cut slow cooker oatmeal sounds wonderful.

I think that I would explode in the presence of this milkshake. That’s right, all over the yard.

Links I Like


Say it with me: sweet potato nachos.

I’ve only eaten one Banh Mi. I choose one that didn’t have mayonnaise because mayo is my nemesis. I am attracted to the notion of the sandwich, but wary and fearful of mayo. So this mayoless tofu banh mi might be for me.

Blackberry pie bars? I want to make blueberry pie bars!

Oh and strawberry rhubarb crumble popsicles. I’d like to make those too. 

This goldfish ice cream cone is impossibly cute.

As a single person with Costco membership, I found this article about a woman following her mom around Costco interesting.

Why, oh, why do I want to try these fiery chicken fries? I mean, those two words shouldn’t even be grouped together like that….

Or maybe I should just forget those fries and make this cheesy breakfast casserole.  

Making DIY Noodle Cups seems to be a handy trick to have in one’s arsenal.

Without the mayo (or subbing yogurt for mayo) this veggie wrap looks pretty tasty.


Tasting and Testing: Lay’s Potato Chips


I love to cook at home, but I also like to try all sorts of weird food products. I know that I shouldn’t like this. I know that it isn’t good for me sometimes, but the mouth wants what it wants. You know, I can’t decide whether or not I’m comfortable with that last sentence.

Listening to The Nosh Show doesn’t help me manage these impulses. There are several products that I tasted that I surely wouldn’t have if it weren’t for this show. I would list them, but I don’t know whether my self-esteem permits it. 

Recently on the show, they talked about the chips that are a part of the Lay’s flavor contest. I knew that if I had the chance that I’d pick these up. As I did my weekly shopping, I thought that I wouldn’t see these when I finally encountered the end cap that displayed them. I didn’t pick up all four flavors, just the Southern Biscuits and Gravy flavor and the Kettle Cooked Gyro flavor.

I knew that Alex and I would need to do a taste test. Since we’re still actively moving, quick dinners are super helpful right now. Also, he loves things like this and often begins conversations with, “remember the time we….”

When I told Alex about the taste test, he was pretty excited about the idea. We had the chips with a chicken sausage. As soon as I could get the chips on the plate, we tucked in.

Of the Kettle Cooked Greektown Gyro, Alex said, “I’d have to say a nacho with zest and vinegar.” I think that was his joke response? What followed made a little more sense, “I think there’s a little meat to that one.” I thought this one was pretty tasty. I’ll have no problem doling these out as a part of my lunch for a while.chiptest1

Of the Southern Biscuits and Gravy, Alex had nothing much to say. He asked me what I thought. I told him that I couldn’t really pick up much. He agreed, saying that they taste pretty plain. 

An occasional completist, now I’m dying to try the other two flavors, Wavy West Coast Truffle Fries and New York Reuben.



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One bowl blackberry corn muffins? Yes, please.

I want to make this carrot coconut soup!

These Hummus Pita Pizzas look pretty tasty.

I might have to try this Chocolate Overnight Oatmeal Smoothie this week!

I’ve made coconut butter before, and it was good. This take looks tasty!

I have so many feelings about these tie dye s’mores.

I’m happy that I can poach an egg at all. However, I am seduced by the idea that I can do it better.

These monkey cupcakes are so dang cute. If you see me with a dreamy look in my eye, I might be dreaming up excuses to make monkey cupcakes.

As someone who recently realized that most of the time when she’s saying something mean, that she hasn’t eaten for a while, I found this article about the cause of hangriness (hanger?).