The Skirt of Misfortune

skirtofmisfortune3That’s dramatic, isn’t it?

This story starts in JoAnn’s. I was there minding my own business when I bright green eyelet fabric caught my attention. I don’t recall whether I purchased the fabric that day, or whether I came back a different day to get it, but I bought the fabric. I figured I’d make a circle skirt. I’ve been enjoying making circle skirts.

So, I made my way to the counter, asked for the appropriate yardage and went home excited to start on my skirt. I put the fabric in the wash right away and ironed it so that it would be ready to become a garment. As I looked at this lovely material becoming flat against my ironing board, I realized that I had a problem.

You probably know already.

You probably guessed in that second paragraph.

I didn’t have any lining for the skirt. skirtofmisfortune2

Eyelet, in my opinion, needs another layer between the sub equatorial body parts and the outside world. I do not want to be the subject to someone else’s open letters.

So, I settled for doing something else, but resolved to get something to go with the skirt next time I went to the store.

And I did, some simple green cotton. 

But, when I cut it out, I realized that this cotton wasn’t really long enough for the purpose. However, I went with it, figuring that there was enough fabric to provide the modesty I was looking for…not to the degree that I wanted, but in an acceptable fashion.

I had noticed that the fabric store had these awesome colored elastic, so I bought some for this skirt.

What I didn’t realize is that they were going to behave a bit differently when sewn. So, this skirt looks a little wonky up top.I’m not sweating it too much though because almost every top I wear covers the top of whatever bottom I’m wearing.

When I put the two layers of this skirt together, the bottom of it was just plain weird. For some reason, the lining layer was longer than the skirt in some places. So, I had to get in there and start trimming, which wasn’t a big deal, but it was unexpected.

Finally, when I attached the elastic to the top of the skirt, I realized that I had done something in the opposite way that I thought I had done it, ruining the way that I had intended to put together the top of the skirt.

skirtofmisfortune1At the end of the day, the skirt of misfortune is still wearable, and I look forward to spending some time within its caresses. That, and it is a big lesson in accepting what isn’t perfect which can be especially difficult when those imperfections are all born of your own hands.

In an open letter to the thick-thighed woman wearing the sheerish gray animal print leggings,

“I have some questions for you. But, the one that stands out to me above all others is whether your red panties were uncomfortable. You see, they left approximately two and a half inches of your upper butt uncovered. You may have some questions for me, based on my penetrating observation, however, I’m more interested in your answers….”

36 Goals Progress


I’m making some progress on the goals that I’ve set for this year.

I’ve mostly done the goals that I set out to do for September. I’m a little behind on the book proposal thing, but I’ve set some new goals for October that will bring me back into line there.

Speaking of those October goals:

  1. Finish my bicycle shirt.
  2. Submit book proposal for Head of State Cakes to at least 3 agents.
  3. Make some jewelry. 

My month, for this project starts on the 9th.  and I’ve started in on these month’s goals. 

Finishing the bike shirt was one of the goals that I had set in the past as a goal, but I’ve been on a bit of a sewing streak, so I decided to get on with it. I want to sew everything that I’ve already cut out.

For me, I think that it is helpful to think about sewing projects in phases, and to think of each phase as a project in and of itself. Those phases are the pattern adjustment phase, cutting out the fabric, and sewing the garment. Something about thinking of it this way is really helpful.

Back to the book proposal. I know what I want to do to the draft to improve it, and plan to do that sometime this weekend. One of the people who peer-reviewed it graciously offered to edit it, and I’m going to take her up on it (and figure out what kind of baked treats do best in the mail). Once I get that done, there is only the matter of submitting it. That, historically, has been the hardest part for me, but this time, I’ve decided that I’m going to do it. And that is that.

Regarding the jewelry, I’ve been collecting ideas for a while and want to just do some of the things on my list. Until I’ve tried the things, they will hang out in my mind as things I should do. They’re in there taking up space and resources! I need to just get them out of my system once and for all.


Links I Like


I love zippered pouches, but I don’t buy them because I know that I can make them. And since I was poking around on that site, I found another zippered bag.

Speaking of bags, I’ve been seeing these square bags around the internet for a little while now. Every once in a while I go hunting down some instructions. Why it took me so long to put it here, I don’t know, especially since that’s the whole reason I make these lists.

These seven words: Big Clusters Maple Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Granola.

 You want to know the food that I always want whenever I see it, even though admitting this makes me a little embarassed? Corn dogs. Seeing them on Food52, yep, made me want some.

I found this to be heartbreaking.

Sweet & Salty Curried Popcorn?!?! I want to try this immediately. It also makes me think about trying my hand at savory granola.

This peppermint stick ice cream sounds so good, but I don’t want to think about it yet because I associate peppermint sticks with truly cold weather.

While I make granola fairly often, I’ve yet to make granola bars. Maybe these ones will be my maiden voyage bars.

Getting into a little of a lot of things.