I wish that breakfast were more commonly used as a verb. It is more deserving of that treatment, in my opinion, than lunch is.

I love breakfast. Part of it, I’m sure, is because I wake up hungry, very hungry every day. 

I like the foods though, the grits, the pancakes, the eggs. I like that morning cup of coffee or tea. I enjoy a smoothie in the  morning. I love the granola. Greek yogurt in the morning makes me very happy.

However, it is so easy to wolf something, anything, down in the morning. Leftover this! A cold piece of that.!! (Did I mention that I am ravenous in the morning?)

This week I made a commitment to myself to make an intentional breakfast. It didn’t take much more time than normal, but it was pretty dang awesome.

Friday, I had a pancake based on a recipe I saw on the Joy the Baker blog. My pancake had bits of semisweet chocolate and chunks of balaton cherries in it.

IMG_9535 One day I had grilled squash and egg tacos.

IMG_9513I enjoyed a squash quesadilla with an egg on top.

IMG_9520-0Not long ago I made a batch of savory waffles. When I made them, I froze the extras. So, whipping up a waffle topped with some kale that was already cooked made for an easy and satisfying breakfast.

IMG_9509-0I love grits so much. This week, I had cheddar cheese grits topped with fried green tomatoes and bacon. It was lovely.

IMG_9504-0In addition to loving breakfast, I love weather that doesn’t require layers of clothing for outdoor comfort. Part of this breakfast treat week was to enjoy the meal on the balcony. 

I’ve got to remember that sometimes just a little effort goes a long way.


The Old Fashioned


Harry Truman helped me through some difficult times. 

Yes, I know; that’s weird.

In a period that was stressful for a number of reasons that are happily in the past, I tackled David McCullough’s Truman. It took forever to read this 1120 page book. After all, those more difficult moments usually aren’t the ones that leave you with tons of energy at the end of the day. McCullough doesn’t weave fairy tales nor deal in hagiography, but each Truman story left me stronger than it found me. 

I know; that’s weird.

They called him “Give Em Hell Harry” because he during a speech a supporter called out, “Give em hell, Harry,” as Truman attacked his political opponents. In response he said, “I don’t give them hell. I just tell the truth about them and they think it’s hell,” during the 1948 presidential campaign. “Give Em Hell Harry” became a lifelong slogan among Truman supporters. It was also the name of a biographical play and a movie about the president. In Roger Ebert’s review of the movie, he make’s reference to “Harry Truman’s unique ability to say what he thought in any way he damn well pleased.” This play was anchored around a series of events in Truman’s life, capturing the various roles he performed throughout his life of service.

While Truman objects to the charge that he gave anyone hell, it seems less likely that he’d argue that he wasn’t the recipient of his fair share. A big portion of that was at the hands of Douglas MacArthur.

Give Em Hell Harry vs. Dugout Doug sounds like it should be a stop-motion claymation brawl.

I know; that’s weird.

In this brawl, Dugout Doug violated the established terms between them by making statements that were contrary to the US official position in Korea, and more specifically contrary to Truman’s position. His rogue activities crippled US aims. Harry had to act, and dismissed MacArthur.

At this point, MacArthur was a bit of a public darling and Truman couldn’t compete in the popularity contest. In fact, Truman’s approval rating dipped down to 22% in February 1952, the lowest Gallup poll rating of any sitting United States President.

Truman faced combat in World War I, succeeded to the presidency during World War II, survived a 1950 assassination attempt, and then this! No wonder he liked to have a shot of bourbon in the morning and a cocktail in the evening.


The cake: The cocktail that Truman often enjoyed was the Old Fashioned. This cupcake is based on these flavors. The cupcake itself is flavored with bitters. It is filled with maraschino cherry juice flavored whipped cream. The frosting is whiskey buttercream and the cupcake is garnished with a cherry.

I liked this cupcake, but I could have been more liberal with the bitters. Like Truman, I should have gone with the flow of what I meant.


Book Proposal


I am working on a book proposal.

It is for a cookbook called, no surprise to some, Head of State Cakes: A Delicious Look at the Presidents. I knew at the beginning of my HOSC project that I might pursue turning it into a book, but more recently, I’ve decided to take it on.

I love the presidents so much. I seek entertainment from learning about them almost daily. I also have a love for getting creative in the kitchen. So, it seems only natural to me to pursue this project.

However, the Morrison quote above isn’t actually, in this case, a reference to my book. It is a reference to writing about the process of writing a book proposal. In the age when so many people document every-single-thing, I was surprised not to find too many people documenting their book proposal-writing process. Maybe this is because other people are sitting down and grinding it out in a sitting. Maybe others are protecting their book ideas. I’m not sure.

I am going to document my progress here. I’m sure that in a few years, I’ll look back upon these entries and groan in embarrassment. but that’s okay. That’s how we learn. I expect to learn a lot from this process.

Wish me luck!


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