The Kind of Gal Who Likes to Click Around


I have a weakness for s’mores. Apparently, you can roast them in a mason jar.

Colors are fun. Sprinkles are fun. Donuts are fun. The combination has to be super fun.

Sweatshirts are so comfortable, but they can be kind of slumpy. Maybe with a bit of embellishment, I can figure out a way to comfortably wear them more often.

In the winter months, perhaps I pin too much hope and joy on citrus. It’s what I do to get through the fact that it’s so dang cold. But, it is the reason that I find out about things like Olive Oil Cake with Tangerine Marmalade.

Because I have old lady tendencies, I have acquired a number of rollers over the years. I’ve been meaning to make some pouches or bags to store them for years. Maybe these, in different sizes, would be a good solution.

Quinoa + sweet potatoes + turkey + a slow cooker looks like a very good idea. 

I seem to have kicked an obsession with playing Candy Crush. These donuts, though, almost took me back to the time wasting side.

These cool months are also good for kale-loving. This salad is a good way to feel the love.

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