Summer Bucket List 2014 – Update


 You know, I didn’t get everything on this list done, but I did pretty well!

I took Alex to Niagara Falls. We had a great time, and it got us back into our regular road trip groove.

I ate a good amount of watermelon, peaches and tacos. Missed out on the nectarines though.

I picked strawberries. I also made freezer jam and stowed some away for when I need a reminder of summer months during the winter.

I made popsicles, but not so much of the other stuff.

I took a fair amount of walks, but not the lots I was hoping for.

I did enjoy the season, resisting the urge to complain too much about how mild it was.

I took Alex to Washington DC. It was the best! That guy is amazing to travel with. He even said, “That was actually pretty interesting,” about a few things he had thought would be boring.

I made Head of State Cakes for Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson, though I’ve only blogged about Truman.

I know that I am extra crazy about setting goals and writing things down, but I know that I got more enjoyment out of the summer going at it with the intention of living through it on purpose rather than letting it wash over me.

I hope to pull on these positive experiences to create a nice transition into the new school year and the tasks that come with as I try my best to support the kiddo academically.

I declare this summer a success.

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