Links I Like #36


Oh no! Someone wrote about my favorite dressing tip. Practice? Dresses over pants. When you’re of ample thigh and of long leg, sometimes you have to take extra steps for what feels like appropriate coverage. via shutterbean

Recently, I wanted a piece of pie with all of my soul. So I procured one. It did not live up to my gustatory fantasies. Maybe this blueberry slab pie can?

I love looking at photos of homes that have a lot of plants in them. I have a few, but I am not a good plant parent (did I just say that? yeah, forget I said that.) I can admire, though. That, and aspire.

This Vegan Cobb Salad with Coconut “Bacon” looks super refreshing.

I’m a pretty voracious eater, but I do have a couple of food quirks. The main one is mayo-hatred. In a close second is a dislike for bottled salad dressing. There’s just something about it I don’t trust even when I’m not afraid that mayo is secretly hiding within. But, I can do a homemade dressing with no problem. So these spoke to me

I loved the Baby Sitters Club books, so this post about this interpretation of their snacks made me so happy.

This Green Chile Adobo Sauce looks so fresh and tasty.

Is there a moral problem to feel lust toward a salad?

Dark. Chocolate. Potato. Chip. Bark.

This Peach Lavender Gin Fizz looks pretty tempting.

I spy another salad. Maybe my cravings are trying to tell me something.


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