Out With the Old–In With the New


I like to write something around my birthday, usually goals. Usually these goals are something that I’d been thinking about for weeks.

This time around, though, I’ve been so busy living my life that I haven’t focused on goals as much as I have in the past.

This year, I made some changes. I realized that I wasn’t as happy as I wanted to be. I figured out why and acted accordingly. This year, I didn’t draw my decision-making process out. I did what I knew I needed to do, even though going through with it was uncomfortable.

I went by myself to a Hall and Oates concert and loved it. I took a weekend trip to the Smoky Mountains.

Now, some people I know are calling me “New Sherlonya.”

And I feel “new.”

I’m taking advantage of the many things that are cool about the area where I live.

Solo date 2

More importantly, I’m not letting the idea that I should be doing an activity with someone else stop me from doing the things that I know that I want to do. In fact, I’ve made a point to “date” myself. I’ve had a lot of fun doing this, taking myself to Detroit a few times to check out museums that I like, out to Lake Michigan. I’ve taken myself to the movies a couple times, and I’m loving it,

So, in this next year, I aim to keep it up. 

I’m calling this year, my 38th year, my Gerald Ford year. When Tom Brokaw delivered his eulogy, he mentioned President Ford’s fashion choices:

We could identify with him — all of us — for so many reasons. Among them, we were all trapped in what passed for style in the 70’s with a wardrobe with lapels out to here, white belts, plaid jackets and trousers so patterned that they would give you a migraine. The rest of us have been able to destroy most of the evidence of our fashion meltdown, but presidents are not so lucky. Those David Kennerly photographs are reminders of his endearing qualities, but some of those jackets — I think that they’re eligible for a presidential pardon or at least a digital touchup.

Solodate 1
So, I’ve decided in the Gerald Ford year to introduce more plaid into my wardrobe and to photograph it whenever I do wear plaid.

I plan to continue to check out interesting events and to write about them, too.

I’ve long collected ideas for t-shirts, and this is the year that I’ll make that happen.

Finally, I want to be sure to make the time to be grateful for all that I’ve been fortunate enough to have and experience. Gratitude is important to me, and I want to be sure to act accordingly.


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