2018 Goals: A Look Backward and a Look Forward

Over the last several days, I have been thinking about goals. I didn’t set birthday goals this year because they were starting to feel almost arbitrary, like I was setting the goals out of habit. However, it is absolutely true for me that if I write something down that I am much more likely to get it done…even if I forget that I had written it own. There are lists that I have found this year that prove that to me.

This year was an interesting one for me personally.  I made some adjustments that I needed to make in the spring and my life took on a different shape. I found myself doing a bunch of things that I wanted to do, but had not been doing. I took myself on a solo trip to Tennessee which is probably one of the most important things that I did this year. I took myself to a concert. I went by myself to the west side of the state to enjoy the lake and enjoy myself. I took in several movies at the theater with only myself as my companion. This year, though I spent considerable time in the company of other people, I made a point to do things by myself in a way that I had never done before. I’m definitely better for it.

Part of me wants to look back over the year and pull out a list of accomplishments. The rest of me doesn’t. I think that I tend to feel like a collection of achievements and failures, but I don’t want to feel like that anymore.

Speaking of feeling, in 2017. I think that I did a better job of letting myself feel my feelings than I ever have before, and I think that has been good for me. Feelings come and feelings go…letting myself just go with it made that seem a lot more manageable.

I lost about 20 lbs this year. Part of me wanted to set a goal to lose 10 more–30 was my original goal–but I just don’t feel like making that a priority. And that’s fine. I might change my mind. And that’ll be fine too. I’ve enjoyed good health, and this body is always down to be physical. I think that’s enough.


  1. In 2017, I found myself wishing that I had kept a list of the media that I had consumed. I aim to do that in 2018.
  2. I began to write for PULP this year which was extremely rewarding. Through this, I made a point to pay more attention to what was going on around me and to take advantage of the opportunities that  make this area appealing. I aim to keep this up. 
  3. I started this in 2017, but I have a bazillion t-shirt ideas. I want to turn them into reality in 2018.  
  4. Secret poetry project.
  5. Get back into Mathematics of A Race Riot. To make the goal measurable, I intend to write about 25 riots in 2018.
  6. Put a fire pit in the back yard!
  7. Make bao at home.
  8. Get the bricks on my house taken care of.
  9. Replace my stove.
  10. Find a household chore routine that works for me. 
  11. Decorate the big, blank, living room wall.
  12. Put order to the basement.
  13. Return the humiliating collection of bottles that reside in the garage.
  14. Grow some food. 
  15. Try the new workouts that I have been pinning over the last few years. 
  16. Successfully make sauerkraut. If at first you don’t succeed….
  17. Take another solo trip. Maybe camping?
  18. Private donation #1.
  19. Private donation #2.

And that’s it. My totally unsexy list of 2018 goals. Who cares if there is an odd number? Not I! That’s how I’m rolling into this new year. 

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