Just Taking In Some Things #1

When I made the goal to maintain some sort of media journal, I had no idea that it would be as challenging as it has been this first week! I’m sure that I didn’t get everything here. For example, I know that I didn’t record the podcasts that I consume this week.  Anywho, here’s to the beginning of developing the habit of paying closer attention to what I’m taking in.

January 2

Why Are We So Unwilling to Take Sylvia Plath at Her Word?

January 3

Remote Control: Tonya Harding, Nancy Kerrigan and the Spectacles of Female Power and Pain by Sarah Marshall

Tonya Harding Triple Axle

Ladies Triple Axel 1998-2015

Kristi Yamaguchi skating to EnVogue

Kristi Yamaguchi Unlaced by Nicole Chung

Roxane Gay’s 2017 Reading List

January 4

Mike Pence Swears In Doug Jones as Gay Son Looks On

Scoop: Wolff Taped Interviews With Bannon, Top Officials

I Wrote Dave Chapelle a Letter About His Terrible Transgender Jokes

Trumpism Never Existed. It Was Always Just Trump

January 5

Jason Brown skates to music from Hamilton

Killdeer by Nick Flynn

Trump Got Wolfed

January 7 

Me Recommend David Foster Wallace to Me

Dear Pepper: Looking People Directly in the Eye by Liana FInck

House Tour a Designer’s Small Eclectic DC Home

10 Unexpected (&Cheap!) Things You Haven’t Thought to Frame as Art.

3 Things That Super Organized People Do a Home That You Don’t

A Colorful Thrifty Toronto Home

Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff

Trivial Research

I hate mayonnaise. The very notion of it makes me uncomfortable. However, I am totally capable of enjoying a yogurt-based proxy. So, I found myself researching remoulade so that I can make a sauce to go with the fried oysters that I plan to turn into po’boys using this hot dog bun recipe. 



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