Reusable Baby Wipes

During my pregnancy, I bought what I consider a starter set of cloth diapers. I had actually been interested in cloth diapers when my now 16-year-old son was a baby, but that wasn’t in the cards.

During my pregnancy, I also thought that I would have a relatively easy child-birth and spend my maternity leave basking in new baby while spending some nap times sewing and doing other domestic things. The universe, however, said, “Nah, you’re having a c-section. You’ll spend the first month wishing you could comfortably pick up that baby and recovering from surgery.”

Now, just about 2 months later, I’m feeling much closer to normal. Norma enough to give cloth diapers a try. Having done about two loads of diaper laundry, I am now feeling so bold as to also try reusable wipes.

My older son thinks that is a bridge too far.

When I asked him what he thought a good size for reusable wipes would be, you could see the mathematics of skepticism play out boldly across his face. When I told him that he could continue to use the wipes that would wind up in a landfill if he wanted to, and that he and his brother would be dealing with the consequences, but that I was going to try these, he looked at me like, “Why? Whyyyyyyy did you have to put it that way?”

I’m not the world’s best recycler, but I don’t just give up either.

Besides, I love the idea of wiping my baby’s “booty” with pirate flannel. 

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