Author: sherlonya


I had forgotten just how much I am a fan of a good staycation. 

A couple of years ago, I took one at the end of a grueling summer. That one was so sorely needed that it barely counts.

Since I bought my car in 2013, I sort of got away from staycations and moved toward road trips.  In fact, Alex and I almost embarked upon a mini road trip that would have been ending right now, had I not decided to just stay home.

It was the right move. Alex and I mostly hung out at home, him doing him, me doing me all vacation long.

That is, until the night he decided that he wanted to teach me how to play a game that he learned at school. He taught me how to play a card game called, “Speed.”

He explained the instructions to me, and then we were off. He couldn’t believe how quickly I picked the game up. I think that he discovered just how competitive that I can be. I discovered that he inherited the gene. We stayed up past midnight playing the game. This alone made me grateful for our staycation.

Even if I can’t beat him every round.