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Links I Like #37


It has been so, so long since I sat down to drop some links on my sometimes abused, never unloved blog. But that’s the way of things. Ebbs. Flows.

The notion of one hour French bread though. This recipe looks super simple.  Seeing this one makes me remember how easy bread making can be.

This Chocolate Swirl Bread made me lust in my heart. Maybe that’s because I’ve decided to do a salad a day every day in 2017. 

These sweet potato, black bean tostadas look tasty and like they’re no trouble to pull together. I don’t know why I always forget that tostadas are a thing, especially when I feel the way that I do about tacos. Wait, maybe I forget precisely because of my unwieldy feelings for tacos.

If you ever see a recipe online and think that you’d like to make it, but you only want to make it when you know that you’ll be by yourself so that you can fully indulge in said recipe, then we understand each other. Since we understand each other, I think that these Singapore Sweet Potato Noodles look fantastic.

I want to remember to take a closer look at this post about thermoses. My thermos game needs some help.

I’ve made pecan milk in the past, and it was delicious on some granola. I think I’ll try it her way.

Sweet Potato Polenta with Fried Eggs. I’m intrigued.

Strawberry. Milkshake. Cake. !!

Links I Like #36


Oh no! Someone wrote about my favorite dressing tip. Practice? Dresses over pants. When you’re of ample thigh and of long leg, sometimes you have to take extra steps for what feels like appropriate coverage. via shutterbean

Recently, I wanted a piece of pie with all of my soul. So I procured one. It did not live up to my gustatory fantasies. Maybe this blueberry slab pie can?

I love looking at photos of homes that have a lot of plants in them. I have a few, but I am not a good plant parent (did I just say that? yeah, forget I said that.) I can admire, though. That, and aspire.

This Vegan Cobb Salad with Coconut “Bacon” looks super refreshing.

I’m a pretty voracious eater, but I do have a couple of food quirks. The main one is mayo-hatred. In a close second is a dislike for bottled salad dressing. There’s just something about it I don’t trust even when I’m not afraid that mayo is secretly hiding within. But, I can do a homemade dressing with no problem. So these spoke to me

I loved the Baby Sitters Club books, so this post about this interpretation of their snacks made me so happy.

This Green Chile Adobo Sauce looks so fresh and tasty.

Is there a moral problem to feel lust toward a salad?

Dark. Chocolate. Potato. Chip. Bark.

This Peach Lavender Gin Fizz looks pretty tempting.

I spy another salad. Maybe my cravings are trying to tell me something.


Links I Like #35




I might have to ask you to forget that you saw this here.

Why do I want to make these carrot waffles so bad? Somebody tell me (George Michael voice goes here).

I have been all into Skillshare over the last couple of weeks. I want to know all of the things.

Finding out about an Oreo S’mores Blizzard might be hazardous to my long term health.

Hmmm…Kale & Salmon Ceasar Salad? I’d need make my own dressing in order to be mayo-free, but I’m intrigued.

Why am I so attracted to carrot-based recipes? This time–a smoothie.

These sure are some pretty chocolate bars. This is not a euphemism.

Understanding fully that there is nothing cute about drooling, I leave this pastrami-brisket hash here.

Links I Like #34


I am always attracted to things like this Vegan Budhha Bowl, but I seldom follow through with making my own. 

Look at this raspberry chocolate cup!!

I’ve never heard of passionfruit curd before. But curd-filled donuts are something I can get behind.

Fruity kale salad? Don’t mind if I do.

Churro. Cream. Puffs. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off of my face, neck and upper chest.

My left eyebrow is raised at this gummi bear sangria. I haven’t decided quite what the arched brow means though.

These pumpkin spice brioche knots are super cute.

I’m not telling you anything that my s’mores pinterest board hasn’t already revealed: I am a huge sucker for anything s’mores-related.

Wait, what do you mean no yeast cinnamon rolls?


Links I like #33


Alex recently gave me the side-eye because he thought that we ran out of homemade granola. He was wrong, and he happily has something to eat with his morning Greek yogurt. But maybe I need to find some new granola recipes nonetheless.

A three-ingredient, delicious-looking chicken recipe? Sign me up!

Apples + cheese. I’ll be in your wedding.

I do love kale salads. I might have all of the ingredients for this one. Hmmmmm….

JalapeƱo. Popper. Dip. Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my chin.

I have a soft spot for meatballs. I also have a collection of physical magazine clippings of meatball recipes.

I am so afraid by, yet intrigued by kombucha.

Churro donut holes!!!!

I would like very much to have this Pulled Pork Fried Rice all up in my mouth!!!

Links I Like #32


I loved pomegranate the first moment one of the arils crossed my mouth. These Pomegranate Skirt Steak Tacos speak to me.

So does this Pomegranate Feta Salad.

A long time ago, in an early occasion of spending time with someone, he and I made citrus curd. I don’t remember what kind now. I had told a friend about it, and she quickly informed me that the sentence sounded disgusting. Seeing a recipe for Orange Curd Sweetened With Honey brought the memory back to me.

This is a gorgeous black forest cake.

Muffins are one of those foods that I think that I like more than I do. I think. These sweet potato muffins tempt me.

In the case I entertain a bunch of vegans, I’ll have queso dip for them.

This sweet potato salad looks delicious, and also like a satisfying meal.

I’ve never tried a green shakshuka before. I may need to change that.

Sitting here in front of a space heater, it feels wrong to make a note of this ice cream recipe.

Ramen bowls always look complicated to me. However, some of them are really striking.


Links I Like #31


I don’t know where I picked up my love for chilaquiles. These ones are super attractive.

This Birthday Cake Popcorn is super cute. This is the kind of thing that I want to make in secret and then send some in my son’s lunch as a surprise. 

I’ve put cinnamon in coffee before, but it never occurred to me to try cardamom coffee.

Look at this cute child’s desk! I have no need for something like this, but it’s so cute. I wonder how this idea could be adjusted for my purposes.

This Spicy Red Lentil Curry makes my mouth water. I need to make this.

I like this abstract pillow. Hmmmm.

I need to make the time to poke around in Rosa Parks’ papers online.

Chai tiramisu? Intriguing.

I think that I could add more joy to my life if I made more waffles

I am a sucker for nut butters. This Homemade Cacao Nib Almond Cashew Butter looks like a good one.

Links I Like #30



Having recently been on vacation eating lots of delicious things, makes me want to get back into the kitchen. And one of the things that’s calling out to me right now is a sweet potato pie smoothie. Wait, does that count? 

This cherry limeade looks both pretty and delicious.

These curry cauliflower wraps are calling.

A while ago, I was in a grocery store and saw a bunch of people buying collard greens. If I remember properly, they were all picked over when I got there, and I was bummed out. I complained about all the green smoothie lovers getting in on this green that had always been there for me in the store. They are coming for my greens!!! What is wrong with me? Oh, and here’s an article that makes me feel a little less crazy about this one.

One of my favorite things about having gone through a project where I complete 100 new-to-me recipes in a year, is that it has changed the way that I cook. I read recipes differently, taking a look at them, and then making them work for me based on what I have in my kitchen. When I see recipes for things that I might otherwise buy, I find myself very intrigued. This enchilada sauce leaves me intrigued.

It is not the season to be thinking about ice cream bars, but this one looks heavenly.

In donut research news, I need to take a closer look at these Vietnamese donuts.

Sriracha hummus.

Links I Like #29


I always wish I ate more baked potatoes. This chili-sweet potato looks downright tasty.

Um, while we’re talking about stuffing things.

There are so many smoothie recipes popping up right now while everyone is saying that they want to eat better. This one looks good.

Recently I made donuts that had rose flavoring. Alex thought they were mysteriously fruity. I wonder what he would think about a lemon verbena and orange blossom drink. Without the gin, of course. 

This baked steel cut oatmeal looks delicious, it looks like it tastes like apple pie.

I am a sucker for curry; I’d make this African Curry with Cauliflower.

Amazing. Embroidery.

Speaking of amazing: Golden Gaytime Cake.

Everything about this pumpkin bread with oats looks delicious.

I am both afraid of and intrigued by this turmeric switchel.



Links I Like #28


I have been super busy over the last several months and I finally think that I can feel the heat from the light at the end of the tunnel.

That feels so dang good!

You know what I want to do with this reclaimed time? Make zippered pouches!

Look at this car wash play set. It’s the cutest thing!

Look at all these cute Valentine’s Day nail art ideas. I haven’t done my nails in a while, but I think that might need to change….

I think these hexagon pot holders are cute. I really don’t need to add anything else to my projects list. Please hope that I remember that. 

Look at this jewelry box! Maybe I do have time for these kinds of projects since most of my room-painting in the house is done? Is this a lie that I’m telling myself?

I always want to want a Caesar salad, but I know that in many of those dressings hide mayo. I have a serious loathing of mayo, and can tell when it’s lurking waiting to try to coat my tongue with its evil. This kale Caesar salad, however, seems palatable.

Look at this beef chili. Maybe it’s her gorgeous photography, but this one made my mouth water. And it made me want to go to the store. I never want to go to the store.

I probably never ever should have seen this nutella latte recipe. This, actually, is probably the reason I recently bought Nutella. I remember standing there thinking, now why am I buying this? I know that there was a specific reason….

I am so afraid to forget that these are called Chicago screws, but I know that I’ll remember that I listed it in one of these posts. #memory

We are a hands-down leftovers-for-lunch family. Sometimes, though, if there was some sort of morning snafu, I have Alex get hot lunch at school. When he is disappointed about this it crushes my heart in a vice that is one part guilt and one part satisfaction. He has made it clear that he’d rather eat my food every time. This article about what chefs pack for their children’s lunches made me think of this.

On Facebook I came across an article that gives you some ways to browse Netflix. I’m pretty excited about taking a closer look. So far, I found some biographical documentaries I’d like to watch.