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If the news has you feeling terrible #2

Go ahead and pull that juicer out of the basement, or the garage, or the attic, or wherever else it may be. Juice some things. Something with chlorophyll, something that will make you feel like you did something good for your body. But add some sweetness, because, well, sometimes you have to bring your own sweetness. And why don’t you get fancy with it, too. I mean, you’re worth a splurge. Kale and pineapple and mint will make you feel a little better. It can make you feel that the sun still exists.”

If the news has you feeling terrible,

“Might I suggest to you a hot shower accompanied by the sultry sounds of Anita Baker. This is best enjoyed if you close your eyes during the most stirring parts of the songs as you let that hot water run over your body. Let the sound of the water, and the sound of her voice be a barrier between you and the outside world. Sway if you need to. Savor.”