Fast and Loose: Hummus Pita Pizzas

Some seasons seem like they’re about finishing the unfinished, about closing doors.

I was looking around in the drafts portion of this blog when I came across these photos. 

And this is the perfect recipe to share with my young associates. It’s the kind of recipe that proves that you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen in order to come up with a tasty meal to eat.

But there is is a more important lesson here. This is a fridge meal. This is one of the meals where you repurpose the things that are hanging out in you fridge. 

Go ahead, preheat your oven. 350 degrees will work just fine.


You pull out those mini pitas that you bought on a whim because they were so cute! And you put a bit of hummus on them, the hummus that you bought in a recent shopping while hungry incident. 


Then, you check your jars. Maybe there are olives. Maybe there are roasted red peppers. Maybe there are pepperoncini. Maybe a swipe of pesto. You spice up that hummus with what’s in those jars.


And then you assess your cheese situation. If you have some, sprinkle it on top of these mini pizzas. If you don’t, you move on to the next step.


Put these on a baking sheet and pop them into the oven. This won’t take long. You’re just trying to crisp up the pita and warm through the toppings. You’re on the lookout for browning bread and melting cheese. These should smell a little like toast.

Pull them out of the oven, let them cool a little and there you have it: a meal!

Links I Like #37


It has been so, so long since I sat down to drop some links on my sometimes abused, never unloved blog. But that’s the way of things. Ebbs. Flows.

The notion of one hour French bread though. This recipe looks super simple.  Seeing this one makes me remember how easy bread making can be.

This Chocolate Swirl Bread made me lust in my heart. Maybe that’s because I’ve decided to do a salad a day every day in 2017. 

These sweet potato, black bean tostadas look tasty and like they’re no trouble to pull together. I don’t know why I always forget that tostadas are a thing, especially when I feel the way that I do about tacos. Wait, maybe I forget precisely because of my unwieldy feelings for tacos.

If you ever see a recipe online and think that you’d like to make it, but you only want to make it when you know that you’ll be by yourself so that you can fully indulge in said recipe, then we understand each other. Since we understand each other, I think that these Singapore Sweet Potato Noodles look fantastic.

I want to remember to take a closer look at this post about thermoses. My thermos game needs some help.

I’ve made pecan milk in the past, and it was delicious on some granola. I think I’ll try it her way.

Sweet Potato Polenta with Fried Eggs. I’m intrigued.

Strawberry. Milkshake. Cake. !!