Apples and progress

Mom As a Little Girl by Alex
Mom As a Little Girl by Alex

I think that part of this blog is about documenting what I do. Yes, a journal does that, but I often feel like I don’t do anything, but I know that this isn’t the case. But here, it shows me exactly where my time is going. At the end of the weekend, for example, I feel like those two days just disappeared and that I don’t have anything to show for them.

I think that I am feeling that particularly right now because I haven’t been writing which is not normal for me. This is not the first time that I have gone a period of time without writing, but I think that this is the longest period of time that I have gone. I hadn’t even been writing consistently in my physical journal. And this couldn’t be a lack of time because now it seems like I should have more time than I have had in the recent past. I am no longer in graduate school. My child is now in school and gaining, albeit slowly, the ability to entertain himself. It seems like I should have more time, but it also seems like I am doing less.

Part of it is the struggle, I think, to balance major components. My job is important to me, taking good care of my son is important to me and writing is important to me. There are other things, but these are huge, identity-shaping things.

Then there are the random things, the curiosities that take hold, the desire to embark upon projects.
Maybe part of what is going on is that I am often working on so many things at once…. Maybe it is like the way that I read books. I might be reading 6 of them simultaneously, but not finishing any of them and then feeling like I am not reading. Then, suddenly, I finish 3 of those within hours of each other. Yes, maybe it is exactly like that.

So on to my November/Thanksgiving project:

This morning, I had Cream of Wheat for breakfast cooked with apple cider instead of water and swirled with pumpkin butter.

Dinner involved risotto, the fall flavor being butternut squash.

Both were tasty adventures; I’m feeling thankful already.

Thanks, November

One of my fall projects is sort of an extension of Thanksgiving. I hold no romantic notions about the origins of Thanksgiving, however, I do like the romantic parts that American society has decided to embrace and propagate. I like the idea of just taking time to be happy about things, to think about the things that are going well for you.

I also go into serious cooking lust mode when the holidays come around. I want to try all of those recipes for baking and brining and deep frying turkeys. I want all of the different kinds of mashed potatoes. I don’t want to be reduced to only pumpkin pie, or only apple pie. I don’t want to agonize over whether I should stick with my tried and true cranberry sauce recipe or whether I should branch out and be daring.

So, in 2008, I want to spend the month of November sort of celebrating Thanksgiving. If I had even more leisure time in my life, I would commit to making some beautiful Thanksgivingy dish every day of the month. Though I am not insane, I probably am still over shooting to try to come up with something each day that makes me think fall, or holidays. It could be a smoothie that uses pumpkin, or it could be a pomegranate martini. It could also be macaroni and cheese or collard greens. Who knows what November holds?

So, for day one, I made gingerbread cupcakes, using this recipe. I didn’t make the lemon sauce because I have lemon curd in the fridge (gotta love Trader Joe’s).

Happy Halloween

nanowrimo image

I spent all day in a costume that shifted and shimmied as if it was hearing a tune. They thought I was “Mother Earth” or poison ivy. Realistically, I was merely a forest nymph. I felt so naked.

I was also sick, but stuck out the work day.

At midnight I can start my NaNoWriMo novel. I decided that I am going to go with the concept for a novel that I came up with over 10 years ago, but never wrote. This month is the month! Tomorrow, I also want to start the running. I am full of ambition for November, but then again, it is not November yet. I also want to work on my website. We’ll see!

not the first, not the last

This isn’t the first, and probably isn’t the last blog that I have started. Right now, the point is to make a space where I can organize my sundry projects and passions.

The dawn of NaNoWriMo seems as good a time as any to go for it.

I’m hoping that as time goes on, that this blog will develop an identity of its own.

Then again, I have had the same hopes for myself.