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Birthday goals


Can I just say that it is a lot easier setting goals (for me) at birthday time than it is at the more traditional New Year’s time? You see, this allows me to set my goals without hearing much about, and being swayed by, other people’s ambitions. I am also freed to go forth in my quest to improve things about myself or my condition without hearing from an entire contingent of people who don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. 

I love the romance of a fresh start.

I am seduced by notions of improving myself.

So, again, I am here to talk about my birthday goals. This year, I have structured them differently. Instead of spending the last several weeks coming up with a list of things that I want to do by the time I turn 36, I came up with a few things, and committed to adding 3 goals on a monthly basis. I’m happy with this new plan and look forward to embarking upon this path.

Wish me luck!


Birthday things.

The first 35 years of my life are over.

Sheesh, I didn’t know that sentence would seem so grave. I don’t really mean it that way.

I like my birthday; I think it’s fun…even if my son thinks that 35 is middle-aged.

I was off today, so I spent some time putzing around on Pinterest looking for pumpkin recipes. I browsed at World Market, and decided to treat myself for my birthday. While I was in the mood for treats, I meandered my way over to a bookstore. Then I went home.

I went into Alex’s room because I wanted to use a stapler and I knew he had one in there. I was overcome by the state of the room. Next thing I know, a few hours have passed and I have an undisclosed amount of trash bags to take outside.

I followed up that sweaty adventure with a walk.

I think you should eat what you want on your birthday, so I made some tacos…the kind of tacos I grew up eating and it was awesome. I loved it. I loved today, and I look forward to making the most of the coming year. I’ve developed the goals that will help me do that (coming soon.)