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Tag: Joe Biden

In an open letter to Joe Biden,

“I need you more now than I have ever needed you. Can you visit me tonight while I sleep, you know, in my dreams? You can do whatever you want. You can read legislation verbatim. Bring Jill, brush her hair. Anything. You might be the only thing that can stop me from having another dream […]

In an open letter to the guy who reminds me of Joe Biden,

“I am impressed by the attention you clearly paid to your ponytail.”

In an open letter to the Joe Biden lookalike she saw this week,

“You were driving behind me. I noticed you in my rear view mirror. As I stared at you, I think that you felt the heat of my gaze. I think it made you uncomfortable. That is the most sympathetic reason I can use to justify the way that you began to attack your nose. Your […]