Open Letters:

From Me to Some of Everyone

Tag: reading

In an open letter to the other person who is reading in here,

“I can’t help but notice your book, glasses, mustache and ponytail. Oh and your little book of notes. I’m dying to know, what are you reading?”

In an open letter to the senior citizen who just sidled up to me,

“Hi! So, if you see a lady waiting for her beer while reading, you don’t need to ask her if she likes to read. She likes to read.”

In an open letter to J.K. Rowling,

“Because of you, every time I see the word ‘heir,’ I think that it is going to be followed by the words, ‘of Slytherin.’”

In an open letter to her son,

“I am glad that you are reading, but when you read aloud, it makes it virtually impossible for me to read. It’s frustrating!”

In an open letter to Bloglines,

“This letter is long overdue, but I had loved you just the way you were. While I can see the appeal of your current layout, it just doesn’t work for me. In fact, I’ve just been using you as a place to store the names of blogs that I like to go to, or that […]

in an open letter to Herbert Hoover,

“I can’t wait to tuck into my sheets and spend some quiet time with your biography before I go to bed. Learning more about you has added layers and nuances to our relationship. I confess that I’ve been sort of looking forward to our time together all day. See you soon!”