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Sometimes recipes make your mind turn with curiosity and your mouth water. Pecan Pretzel Caramel Corn anyone? 

I happen to have too many sweet potatoes at home right now. Maybe this will help me use them.

Sloppy. Joe. Tacos.  I might have to give this a try.  Or maybe I’ll make my favorite vegan sloppy joe recipe and enjoy those as tacos.

I’m getting zero much younger, so if I’m going to be hitting the gym, I need to stretch.

I love this slideshow from Apartment Therapy.

This 30 day squat challenge looks like as good a way to ring in a new year as anything else.

There aren’t too many cauliflower recipes that I would call exciting, but this is one of them.

This is the kind of drink to remember when inevitably the weather turns cold.

This drink made me think about having had buttered rum Lifesavers as a child. I think that the drink might be more up my alley as an adult.

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