Birthday Goals 2011

This is a list of 32 things that I would like to achieve by my 32nd birthday:

1. Run 1000 miles I don’t know how many miles I ran this year, but I did get back into regular training. I ran a half marathon (well, I was under-trained for that). Currently I am training for a marathon. I am pretty  much on track with that.

2. Learn SambaI know some samba now! I danced a samba routine at a showcase at the studio where I’m taking lessons. The dance no longer scares me. Now I just want to get better.

3. Learn Rumba I know a little rumba. By little, I mean tiny, tiny bit. I aspire to learn more.

4. Finish Fallen

5.  Try 25 new salad recipes

6. Learn to swim

7.  Fill the black notebook Done!

8.  Let hair grow out Getting there. It is time, however, for a professional trim.

9. Submit writing

10. See 10 movies I did this and more. Who knew that I would be one to subscribe to Netflix. Everybody changes.

11. Finish reading a biography of each US President

12. Sew a pair of pants Technically, I did this. I made Alex a pair of pajama pants. What I had in mind, however, was to make a pair of pants that fits me well. I tried this, but disaster ensued.

13. Have people over more often

14. Get Christmas shopping done early I did okay at this one.

15. Go sledding with Alex I tried to make this happen a number of times, but, well, there is no need to relive all of that.

16. Make homemade pretzels

17. Make homemade candy

18. Take Alex on Sunday walks (weather permitting)

19. Pick apples

20. Make applesauce

22. Bake a pie with Alex

23. Buy no books for myself for 3 consecutive months September 9 – December 9

24. Improve fitness My cardio fitness is definitely better than it was a year ago.

25. Take a small trip alone

26. Personal  November 2010

27. Personal

28. Personal

29. Buy no magazines at newsstand prices This was perhaps the most difficult of the goals that I actually achieved. It took constant vigilance. I love magazines.

30. Go see a comedy show

31. Take a session of Studio Cycling Ha! I registered for a class, but it just worked out that I couldn’t make the sessions. Such is the trouble with doing your workouts at lunch time.

32. Take more pictures I did this off-and-on.


  1. I want to learn to swim so bad! It is so hard to overcome the fear! Technically, I can doggy paddle. I might hold you to that. I made sure that Alex could swim, and we’ll make sure that Lincoln can swim, too!

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