Open Letters:

From Me to Some of Everyone

Tag: pain

In an open letter to anyone in her mid-thirties who might decide to run a couple miles after a 6.5 month running hiatus,

“Girl, you got to stretch your hip flexors.”

In an open an open letter to herself,

“If you do not go to the gym for a long time, but then go spend 40 minutes on a treadmill constantly playing with the incline and the speed, and then follow that with squats and ab exercises that you used to do but don’ t do anymore, things will hurt. All of the things, […]

In an open letter to her carpal tunnel wrist braces,

“Thank you for showing yourselves. I couldn’t hand-juice limes today and opening things was becoming very painful if not difficult. I look forward to a lessening of the numbness in my elbows and armpits. Thanks in advance!”

In an open letter to Power Lunch,

“And I thought yesterday that you had kicked my behind. Well, it turns out that you kicked it, and punched it and smacked it up. I find myself more sore today than I was yesterday. What doesn’t kill you….”

In an open letter to her right hamstring,

“Ow! I hear you. I swear I thought that workout was for your own good. I wasn’t trying to hurt you!”

In an open letter to Power Lunch,

“It has been too long this time between us. This break reminds me how much I need you. That workout hurt in all the right ways. I’m sure I’ll feel it more tomorrow.”