Links I Like #28


I have been super busy over the last several months and I finally think that I can feel the heat from the light at the end of the tunnel.

That feels so dang good!

You know what I want to do with this reclaimed time? Make zippered pouches!

Look at this car wash play set. It’s the cutest thing!

Look at all these cute Valentine’s Day nail art ideas. I haven’t done my nails in a while, but I think that might need to change….

I think these hexagon pot holders are cute. I really don’t need to add anything else to my projects list. Please hope that I remember that. 

Look at this jewelry box! Maybe I do have time for these kinds of projects since most of my room-painting in the house is done? Is this a lie that I’m telling myself?

I always want to want a Caesar salad, but I know that in many of those dressings hide mayo. I have a serious loathing of mayo, and can tell when it’s lurking waiting to try to coat my tongue with its evil. This kale Caesar salad, however, seems palatable.

Look at this beef chili. Maybe it’s her gorgeous photography, but this one made my mouth water. And it made me want to go to the store. I never want to go to the store.

I probably never ever should have seen this nutella latte recipe. This, actually, is probably the reason I recently bought Nutella. I remember standing there thinking, now why am I buying this? I know that there was a specific reason….

I am so afraid to forget that these are called Chicago screws, but I know that I’ll remember that I listed it in one of these posts. #memory

We are a hands-down leftovers-for-lunch family. Sometimes, though, if there was some sort of morning snafu, I have Alex get hot lunch at school. When he is disappointed about this it crushes my heart in a vice that is one part guilt and one part satisfaction. He has made it clear that he’d rather eat my food every time. This article about what chefs pack for their children’s lunches made me think of this.

On Facebook I came across an article that gives you some ways to browse Netflix. I’m pretty excited about taking a closer look. So far, I found some biographical documentaries I’d like to watch.


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