The kind of gal who likes to click around


It isn’t often that I see a recipe that makes my mouth immediately water, but this slow cooker Thai chicken soup did the trick.

I will neither confirm nor deny that the moaning sound that you may have heard came from me when I saw these fries and gravy.

I like my oatmeal recipes easy. Glance at them easy. But this chai pumpkin oatmeal looks like it’s worth the hassle.

This pear cocktail looks so delightful! Must remember to partake of the pear season!!

These apple cinnamon pancakes look ridiculously delicious.

This black bean pomegranate salsa with feta looks great. Pomegranates, I need to remember to take advantage of them right now, too.

In times of stress, I find myself thinking about cheese. That makes this enchilada recipe something I need to remember for when the going gets tough.

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