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I understand that everyone doesn’t love presidents as much as I do, but the story of Harry and Bess Truman’s 1953 road trip is a fun one. I doubt that you’ll read the book, but this article by the same author gives you the flavor of the thing.

I always love a good DIY kitchen project. Sichuan chili oil anyone?

On overeating.

Fashion plus food. I loved every second of this. If I were more into t-shirts with words, I might be all over these. 

If you tell me that there is a snack mix that can fulfill my every need, I’m at least going to look. 

I can imagine many, many applications for this peanut sauce.

Did somebody say roasted jalapeño hummus?

This bean and grain taco bowl  is the sort of thing dreams are made of.

Like many of my loves, my love for grits is improper. Thrown in some buffalo shrimp and I make no promises to maintain my decency.

Let’s sit together and think about cheesy potatoes. I might need to hold your hand.




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