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It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these lists. But here goes.

I have such mixed and complicated feelings about cotton candy fudge.

I don’t have mixed feelings at all about dark chocolate sea salt almond butter. I like making nut butters at home, especially if I can make a s’mores version.

I would peer around the corner with a curious, yet non-committal stare toward stout ice cream floats.

I discovered and binge-listened to a new-to-me podcast, Burnt Toast.

I could see myself whipping up some insulated bags for my many, many mason jars.

Look at what these people did with their fridges. I want to do something like that to my fridge. Because I love colors like I love Lyndon Johnson.

My son loves mangoes. I bet he would love mango frozen yogurt. But he really loves mangoes, and maybe it’s best to leave well enough alone.

Look at these cute red, white, and blue macarons!

Everyone should know how to pipe a tall, fluffy flower, right? Right?!?

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