Once upon a time, in Flint, Michigan, there was a girl born toward the end of President Carter’s administration. Many girls fit this description, but the one we are talking about here is named Sherlonya. Sherlonya can be lazy about capitalizing her name, figuring a name as unique as hers defies standard conventions of punctuation. She likes to write, but is not hypergraphic. She remembers writing  her first stories for extra credit in a fourth grade class, inspired by prompts. She vaguely recalls writing something called “The Purple Hippo With Rollerskates.” This may not be the actual title or topic, but it adequately reflects the surrealism.

These days Sherlonya is writing poetry and fiction and has won a contest and a contest there. She cooks a lot, sews a little and is trying to savor her son’s childhood. 

She is prone to eavesdropping. But she recycles! Putting all those extra words into new stories.

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