Birthday Goals 2016


This is an in-development list of 37+ goals that I want to achieve by my 37th birthday.

Having created birthday goals for the last few years, I’ve found that I have achieved some of the bigger “bucket list” type goals that I’ve set. As a result, some of the goals I set in the last couple of years just weren’t that important to me. However,  I’ve been able to set smaller more spontaneous goals throughout the year. So, I’ve changed my goal-setting structure.  I’ll set a couple of year-long goals, but mostly, this year, I’ll set goals by the month. 

Overall goals:

Lose 36 lbs.

Maintain a list of the things I’ve cooked in my new home. This idea is taken from Dinner a Love Story, but changed a bit to suit my goals and lifestyle.

3 goals x 12 months  +1 more= 37 birthday goals. This first quarter turned out to be a super crazy quarter. And these here goals just got dropped. That doesn’t mean waiting until next year. That means just picking up.




  • Speak at Nerd Nite about the presidents.


  • Complete another December scrapbook. Alex and I have enjoyed the one I created last year.
  • Decorate the refrigerator. Here, I was actually gifted a new refrigerator, so I didn’t keep the desire to decorate the old one.
  • Make and put up kitchen curtains.


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