In an open letter to the lady who reached over my shopping cart in the store in order to start putting her items on the belt,

“I sensed a little anger from you because I didn’t move my shopping cart forward when you thought I should. However, your four-year-old’s fingers were a couple inches away from the wheels of the cart, so I decided to, you know, spare his fingers. I’m trying to be a better person, so I not going […]


I had forgotten just how much I am a fan of a good staycation.  A couple of years ago, I took one at the end of a grueling summer. That one was so sorely needed that it barely counts. Since I bought my car in 2013, I sort of got away from staycations and moved… Continue reading Staycation

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Road Trip Love

Now that my son is officially a teenager, the whole thing about time flying is smacking me in my face. He has already reached the age where he sometimes has plans for his own time that are different that what I had in mind. Over the last couple years, we’ve taken a few road trips… Continue reading Road Trip Love

Watercolor Fun

My son is always making things. He is also the sort of kid who never really has an answer if you ask him something like, “What do you want for your birthday?” As a result, he has amassed quite a collection of art supplies. Art is something that Alex enjoys; it is his thing. So,… Continue reading Watercolor Fun

In a peevish open letter to her son,

“You consistently wait until I clean up an area and then proceed to take up the entire area. This makes me angry every time. I tell you about this. And this is why when you wake up, having slept on the couch, that you are going to find a pile of your crap directly in […]

In a second open letter to her son,

“Dude, you didn’t think I’d text your dad when you told me that you had a shower today. Thing is, if you tell me that you had a shower today and you tell me that you put on deodorant and your armpits smell somewhere between zesty and piquant, then something is wrong. You probably should […]