Dear Lincoln,

The last couple of days have been a little rough. You are a real trooper though.  Besides your sleepiness, it would be hard to tell that you had a pretty hot fever going for most of the day on Sunday. Monday, we did a COVID test so that you could go back to daycare, and… Continue reading Dear Lincoln,

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When Lincoln is Away: 2

August 2 Today Lincoln was pushing a truck on the floor and impressed Instructor Isabel with his words! He’s a smarty pants. August 3 Lincoln pushed cards and was riding bikes outside. He played with the latch board and watched the big kids.  August 4 Lincoln loves to say, “Bye, Daddy!”when he is dropped off.… Continue reading When Lincoln is Away: 2

The Bunny Connection

I was bopping along in the kitchen trying to get ready for the day when Lincoln saw a bunch of graham cracker bunnies in the kitchen. True to his 20 months, he instantly and intensely wanted them. We had a bag open, so I put a few bunnies in a little bowl.First, he wanted to… Continue reading The Bunny Connection

When Lincoln is Away

Recently, the daycare changed its procedure, allowing parents into the building. As a result, they’re no longer sending home information sheets about your child’s day. They are, however, still doing the sheets and you can take a look at them. I’ve been saving the physical sheets because I love these little glimpses into Lincoln’s day.… Continue reading When Lincoln is Away