Dear Lincoln,

The last couple of days have been a little rough.

You are a real trooper though. 

Besides your sleepiness, it would be hard to tell that you had a pretty hot fever going for most of the day on Sunday.

Monday, we did a COVID test so that you could go back to daycare, and you were so very chill. Didn’t even shed a tear. More impressively, though, you calmly let the doctor listen to your breathing, and check your blood oxygenation.

The fever came back on Monday night, but we wouldn’t have known from your behavior.

You ate like a champ and you successfully turned the living room into a toddler tornado zone.

I learned over the last couple of days that even at your young, young age, you can recognize car wreck vibes on a reality TV show.

You are so, so cute when your are sleeping. But, when you’re clearly under the weather, I find myself wishing that, instead, you were pulling everything out of the cabinets or climbing furniture that we don’t want you to climb.

Love you lots, Lincoln.

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