One Toddler and One Teenager

I was taking a break and picked up my phone as many of us do, and saw a Facebook post that said something like, “When you have kids, you find rocks in every room of your house. And you accept it, that you have indoor rocks now.”

That felt extra real to me, so I followed the breadcrumbs and found an article entitled, “For All the Parents Raising Teenagers and Toddlers At The Same Time.

Now, this person has four children to my two, but man did it feel good just to read the perspective of someone else who wants the best for her kids and how capacity straining it can be to worry about the things that you worry about for one stage while also worrying about the stage that comes almost exactly 16 years later.

My circumstances were vastly different 16 years ago than they are today, but that time has taught me that time flies and that memories can be fleeting. I mentioned that I thought that the internet ate this blog, but the reason that I even wanted to jot something down was because I wanted to remember it. And this, I want to remember this, too. I want to remember what it was to watch this final baby grow and change. Also, I want to remember what it is to watch the first one continue to grow and change.

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