The Bunny Connection

I was bopping along in the kitchen trying to get ready for the day when Lincoln saw a bunch of graham cracker bunnies in the kitchen. True to his 20 months, he instantly and intensely wanted them. We had a bag open, so I put a few bunnies in a little bowl.
First, he wanted to take them to Daddy.
Then, he came back to the kitchen to eat them. He sat down in the little chair we keep there and began to eat the bunnies.
Then he held one up, looked me dead in the eye and said, “Foo, foo!” As in Little Bunny Foo Foo.
I shouldn’t have been surprised, I guess. He’s in daycare during the day and learning ALL of the songs. It’s just an association, but as we age, we tend to separate the animals that we eat from the animals that we anthropomorphize, so this put my morning off-kilter.
BUT, of the ways that a toddler can tilt your morning, you know, I’ll take it!

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