Lincoln’s Library Haul

The second time around is a sentimental one, I guess. I’ve said this like every three days for the last two years, but the think about having kids who are 16 years apart is that with the second one, you’re acutely aware of how fast time flies, and how quickly a memory can soften from it’s original sharpness.

So, here I am trying to remember.

The goal is to bring home about 5 books/week from the library for Lincoln, keeping them for a week at a time.

I’ve already kept a batch longer than the week, but that’s fine. Goals should help us, not rule us.

These books weren’t a big hit, with the whole house, but I liked them. They will be good books to circle back to in the future.

Or, maybe I spoke too quickly. I did hear a lively and enjoyable reading of Little Red Hot, so that one will stay with us for another week. So far, Little Sock and The Poop Song are real winners with Lincoln.

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