When Lincoln is Away

Recently, the daycare changed its procedure, allowing parents into the building. As a result, they’re no longer sending home information sheets about your child’s day. They are, however, still doing the sheets and you can take a look at them. I’ve been saving the physical sheets because I love these little glimpses into Lincoln’s day. Without the sheets, I wanted to figure out a space to hang on to this information. And since the internet knows everything else…. And yes, I’ve eliminated the names of the non-Lincoln innocent.

July 19
Lincoln had a great time during water play today! He used the watering can to water the toys and teacher’s feet. Before nap time, he read a book with Tina Teacher and pointed to the animals in the book, saying their names.

July 20
Lincoln was dancing to music and put the latch board together. He rocked in the red truck with [Redacted Rita] and was riding a bike.

July 21
Today, Lincoln rode some bikes, pushed some lawnmowers and looked at picture cards.

July 22
Lincoln spent some time working on his numbers and letters while stacking and collecting blocks. He enjoyed playing with puppets, climbing on the climber and reading books.

July 23
Today, Lincoln was singing songs with Favorite Teacher and pushed trucks. He was throwing balls and did Simon Says with friends.

July 26
Lincoln enjoyed riding wooden bikes in the gym, saying “Hi!” to big kids, making music with music toys, and shaking shakers.

July 27
Today, Lincoln put on butterfly wings and made music on the piano. He loved water play and played with the horses in the gym.

July 28
Lincoln was putting LEGOs together and riding bikes outside. He was yelling Favorite Teacher’s name and looking at books.

July 29
Lincoln cooked in the kitchen, talked on the phone, and worked with tools. He also rode bikes outside and bounced on the bouncy donkey in the gym.

July 30
Lincoln loves the musical instruments! He could start a one man band. While on a buggy ride outside, Lincoln was being very observant to sounds and objects. He really liked talking to the big kids. 

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