Fast and Loose: Season Change Kale Salad


 Sometimes, you need a salad in your life. For me that’s what happens when I’ve been indulging too many culinary whims. There are only so many fries, beers and cupcakes you can eat before your body gasps out to you, “Green. I’ll take anything green. Please. Green.”

 When that happens to me, not that it has happened any embarrassing amount of times or anything. Nope. Never that. But when it does happen, I know that I’m going to grab a bag of kale, because like everyone else right now, I am a kale lover. I love kale so much I  don’t even care if you interpret that to mean the most creepy thing you can imagine.

Usually I throw it in a smoothie or saute it and eat it with eggs, but this time I wanted to experience the rawness of the kale.

Kale and pears


Let me try that again. 

I decided that I wanted to make a salad. As I walked around in the grocery store, I picked up a pomegranate, too.


At home that’s when the fun began. I sliced the kale and then added some pear chunks to it. Then I toasted some walnuts who had been waiting for some culinary love in the freezer for some time. I added those and some blue cheese. Then I cut up a chicken breast and added it to the salad, giving it meal potential. Finally, I added those pomegranate arils.

It was time to dress the thing, so I made a simple dressing from lemon juice, olive oil, salt, mustard and a little bit of agave syrup.

A salad was born.




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