Honey Chia Pudding

I’ve been adding chia seeds to smoothies for quite some time now. Something I’ve tried less frequently is chia pudding. I made a really fresh-tasting strawberry chia pudding earlier this year. I don’t know why I haven’t done it much since. But that changes with this chia pudding.  Sometimes you want something sweet after dinner,… Continue reading Honey Chia Pudding

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Peanut Butter Bacon Challah |with recipe|

Sometimes something comes into your mind and just takes over it. In these moments you know that fighting is useless, that you are had. That thought owns you. This is what happened one day when I was innocently perusing instagram. I saw a picture of something described as something like peanut butter bacon challah. This time,… Continue reading Peanut Butter Bacon Challah |with recipe|

Old Standby

Everyone has that old standby recipe, right? There is that one ingredient that whispers at you, cat calls perhaps, as you walk by it in the grocery store. My ingredient is kale. When there is a bunch of kale, it will not go bad. I will dress it simply and devour it. Fortunately, Alex too,… Continue reading Old Standby

Caldo Verde

I was playing around with on Bloglines when I came across a soup I had saved as new.  At 30 Bucks a Week, there was a recipe for what they called Quasi Caldo Verde. Upon looking at it, I thought, “I have the ingredients to make something like that.” So, I did. I was way… Continue reading Caldo Verde

Pineapple Rice

Earlier this week, I decided that I would power up the rice cooker and make a bunch of rice. I figured with it’s versatility, I could come up with a lot of ways to use the rice.  And I have been, it has been featured in breakfast this week as well as in more than… Continue reading Pineapple Rice

Apple butter

Preview this Post I nearly broke my behind for these apples. I was on a ladder on some uneven ground reaching a bit too far. *shudder* The plan was to make apple butter for putting up. But then I realized just how small and, well, homely these apples were and realized that I was not… Continue reading Apple butter

Battle Zucchini

It was worse than a dark and story night. It was a summer day that felt like fall, the kind of day that made you want to slaughter and devour pumpkins, preferably while quaffing cider. Then, at the wrong place and the wrong time entered a zucchini. A monster of a zucchini. There was no… Continue reading Battle Zucchini