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Say it with me: sweet potato nachos.

I’ve only eaten one Banh Mi. I choose one that didn’t have mayonnaise because mayo is my nemesis. I am attracted to the notion of the sandwich, but wary and fearful of mayo. So this mayoless tofu banh mi might be for me.

Blackberry pie bars? I want to make blueberry pie bars!

Oh and strawberry rhubarb crumble popsicles. I’d like to make those too. 

This goldfish ice cream cone is impossibly cute.

As a single person with Costco membership, I found this article about a woman following her mom around Costco interesting.

Why, oh, why do I want to try these fiery chicken fries? I mean, those two words shouldn’t even be grouped together like that….

Or maybe I should just forget those fries and make this cheesy breakfast casserole.  

Making DIY Noodle Cups seems to be a handy trick to have in one’s arsenal.

Without the mayo (or subbing yogurt for mayo) this veggie wrap looks pretty tasty.


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