Lunch bags

One day, my son decided to go to bed early. It was one of those weird times when a child pretty much says, “Bye, I’m going to bed.” Then he yawns, then he disappears into the night. So, given this unexpected quiet time, I decided to make him a special lunch bag. I kept it… Continue reading Lunch bags

Happy Birthday, Alex

I can’t believe that Alex is 8. Every day, that guy cracks me up. For his birthday, Alex wanted a Monster Book of Monsters cake and a variety of office supplies. His very specific requests were for tan duct tape, a stapler (though as a household we already have 2, a standard stapler and a… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Alex

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Oh looky here. I have some vacation time on my hands and here I come crawling back to the oft-neglected blog. But, hey, I have time to cook! Alex loves meatballs. I don’t know that he has met a meatball that he won’t eat. Considering that cooking is one of the primary ways that I… Continue reading Meatballs

Knock, knock

So, while Alex says that he likes school, getting him to practice reading is like pulling teeth from the inflamed gums of a carnivorous mammal who once had an impacted tooth extracted with no meds when he thought he was going to get a sanguine treat. As fate would have it, he needs the practice.… Continue reading Knock, knock

Behold the power of cheese

You gotta love those slogans. Actually, my favorite one is, “Pork: the other white meat.” Seriously? But that’s neither ┬áhere nor there. Perhaps that slogan actually got into my brain somehow on a deeper level, the cheese one. Because today at Casa Turner|Augustine (Taugustine?), it was cheese day. So, we made ricotta cheese this morning… Continue reading Behold the power of cheese

Classroom experience

I was all set to write something that I observed today in my son’s classroom. I thought it was funny, and a cheap and easy way to make an blog post on a day when I’m tired an a bit uninspired (but still wanting to meet the goal of posting every day for a month).… Continue reading Classroom experience

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Sunday is for resting dough

I have this crazy fantasy of being all Ma Ingalls and making all of the food that my family needs and sewing clothes and just being that ultimate mother figure that Karen Grassle evoked as she played Caroline. I am sure that Michael Landon figures in there somewhere in this fantsy, but that is neither… Continue reading Sunday is for resting dough

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