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Having recently been on vacation eating lots of delicious things, makes me want to get back into the kitchen. And one of the things that’s calling out to me right now is a sweet potato pie smoothie. Wait, does that count? 

This cherry limeade looks both pretty and delicious.

These curry cauliflower wraps are calling.

A while ago, I was in a grocery store and saw a bunch of people buying collard greens. If I remember properly, they were all picked over when I got there, and I was bummed out. I complained about all the green smoothie lovers getting in on this green that had always been there for me in the store. They are coming for my greens!!! What is wrong with me? Oh, and here’s an article that makes me feel a little less crazy about this one.

One of my favorite things about having gone through a project where I complete 100 new-to-me recipes in a year, is that it has changed the way that I cook. I read recipes differently, taking a look at them, and then making them work for me based on what I have in my kitchen. When I see recipes for things that I might otherwise buy, I find myself very intrigued. This enchilada sauce leaves me intrigued.

It is not the season to be thinking about ice cream bars, but this one looks heavenly.

In donut research news, I need to take a closer look at these Vietnamese donuts.

Sriracha hummus.

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