I Am What I Ate

My insurance plan is one of those where if your weight creeps up past a certain amount, you either need to pay more money, or commit to trying to lose weight. In this case, you can either track your steps using a Fitbit or something similar, or you can join WW.

I can not go down the WW road. It’ll make me obsess about food in a way that will really reduce my quality of life, so, steps it is.

So, I have to make sure that I walk 5,000 steps a day in order to enjoy the lowest costs. Because of 6-7 pounds. And when I was weighed, I was still breast feeding. It’s not like I have feelings about adding another thing that I have to constantly monitor or something. And for me, all this did was teach me to cut weight like a wrestler if I find myself in this situation again. 


But if you’re reading this, you probably know that I love a project. And that I process through them. Enter my new Instagram account, Hello I Am What I Ate, where I post drawings (or knowing me, in time also other representations) of things that I eat while I’m wearing my metaphorical scarlet letter, the Fitbit as penance for being too fat. 

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