one, two, three…

How do the weekends go so quickly!

Thursday evening, I bought the Nike+ sensor thingie to go with my iPod so that I could track any running that I do. I’m glad that I did. I am trying (again) to take up running. Once upon a time, I was thinking about running a 5k, but I just didn’t stick with it. There was another time about a lot of pounds ago when I was running every once in awhile. And now there is now. I took a went out running (very slowly, but running nonetheless) today, even though it was snowing. I am very proud of myself for this. I plan to do some running tomorrow either during lunch or after work. Tuesday and Wednesday, I have other exercise plans, but Thursday, Friday, Saturday I plan to run. A week from today, I plan to rest.

Though I haven’t posted everyday, I am still doing the November, be thankful thing. Yesterday, I had pumpkin pudding with a crumbled gingerbread cupcake sprinkled over it. It was so delicious. Friday, I had a gingersnap latte at Starbucks. I liked it, but the little chunks of ginger at the end of the drink were quite unnerving to me. Today, I stopped at Coldstone, because the young one really wanted to. I got the horrible service that makes me vow never to go there again, and I took home a pumpkin icecream with crushed gingerbread cookies in it.

Friday, I did my Christmas shopping for my niece. I am happy about that. I would have been even happier if I had found wrapping paper and wrapped her little gifties, but hey, now I have something to do this week. I also took care of the young one’s birthday present. He informed me today that he would like to have a race car birthday cake and pizza for dinner. I can manage that.

At the gas station today, (oh yeah, I was all about getting things done today) I saw a sign for Maverick cigarettes. I have to say that I am a bit bitter that the word is just ruined for a while. I hate to see perfectly good words go out like that.

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