One of my goals this past year was to buy a house for me and my son. I did this, and have chosen Ypsilanti as our home. I’ve lived in Ypsilanti for several years, yet, I surprise myself by being far more interested in the area having bought a home there, One of the things… Continue reading Ypsilanti

Decking the Halls

I’m not even going to tell you what happens in my head if I think or hear “deck the halls” without hearing a certain holiday diddy with it. Trust me on this. You are glad. I love the holiday season. While I’m not a fan of winter, I love the lights, the red and green… Continue reading Decking the Halls

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Nerdism 101

I have been trying to straighten up and came across a printout that I made from Vegetarians in Paradise. Great handy reference for those of us who like to try new beans and grains. Through the power of Excel (my crush on Excel rivals my crush on Joe Biden), I made some changes. I introduced… Continue reading Nerdism 101

getting there

I spent the morning doing a lot of little organizational things. I taped labels to the tops of all of my spices so that I can actually tell what I have. Fancy that! I also alphabetized them so that I could get to them easily. AND created a file that lists the spices that I… Continue reading getting there

one, two, three…

How do the weekends go so quickly! Thursday evening, I bought the Nike+ sensor thingie to go with my iPod so that I could track any running that I do. I’m glad that I did. I am trying (again) to take up running. Once upon a time, I was thinking about running a 5k, but… Continue reading one, two, three…