I promise that this blog isn’t going to turn into a chronicle of memories about dates I had from men around the world. Really, really it won’t. Really, really, I hope it won’t. That said, when I was poking around online looking for information about Algeria, particularly Algerian food, when I saw some surnames that… Continue reading Algeria

Albanian Adventures

If you had asked me, say, when I was in high school whether I would ever have a connection to Albania, I would have answered confidently that I wouldn’t. Ahh high school,  the age of misguided confidence. It turned out that through some friends of a friend, that I would meet an Albanian guy with… Continue reading Albanian Adventures

Raspberries, Chocolate, and One of My Favorite People

Last week was the kind of week that makes it difficult to maintain an otherwise sunny disposition. There were other factors involved, but the main one involves my car. My poor car; she’s been through so much. On Monday, I started her up and got ready to go through the morning routine. I pulled onto… Continue reading Raspberries, Chocolate, and One of My Favorite People

How to turn store bought pizza crust into something delicious

Prepare yourself by constantly berating yourself about how much food waste you create. Decide to build your child’s independence by allowing him to cook dinner. Living with less-than-stellar planning ahead, decide that he’ll be using a pre-made crust for the pizza he wants to make. Have a fun family experience. Let time pass. Feel judged… Continue reading How to turn store bought pizza crust into something delicious

Yogurt success!

I think that making yogurt had been one of my unfulfilled birthday goals in some year in the past. There is something that appeals to me deeply about being able to, knowing how to make the things that have become a part of your daily life. There is something separately appealing about understanding how some… Continue reading Yogurt success!


Since the weather started to have that fall-is-coming edge to it, I have been thinking about applesauce Making applesauce was one of my birthday goals last year, but sadly (read: for no darned good reason), I didn’t make any. So when I checked the ad for the store where I do a bunch of my… Continue reading Applesauce


Oh looky here. I have some vacation time on my hands and here I come crawling back to the oft-neglected blog. But, hey, I have time to cook! Alex loves meatballs. I don’t know that he has met a meatball that he won’t eat. Considering that cooking is one of the primary ways that I… Continue reading Meatballs

CSA: Week 1

I joined a CSA this year, something I have thought about in the past.  Some friends had done this with Needle-Lane Farms, which I kept wanting to call Pine Needle Farms, and I followed suit. Today I picked up my first delivery. I am very excited. My goal here is not to waste any of… Continue reading CSA: Week 1

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